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Learn how to get unstuck and turbocharge your career with time tested, powerful strategies to fulfil your career potential and live a wholesome, meaningful life.

Learn powerful strategies to start your transformation in 90 days in my FREE Webinar!


My name is Nitin Kulkarni

I have helped thousands of career professionals accelerate their career growth with time tested, practical strategies. My programs are shaped by 25 years of global corporate experience with multinational companies in various roles.

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My Mission

Transform careers and create a breed of impactful professionals who will be future global leaders and will lead rich, meaningful lives.


My Expertise

Personal development and organizational effectiveness skills to enable individuals to rapidly progress in their careers.


My Community

Career Magic Hub - A community of learners who share knowledge and help each other progress in their careers and lives.


3 Steps to Success


Get the Basics Right

Master the fundamental principles - set smart goals, establish your personal brand, get control of your time & priorities, sharpen your communication, and learn how to consistently develop good habits and get rid of bad ones.


Build Advanced Skills

Master the skills that will differentiate you - improve your emotional intelligence, learn the art of conversations, deal with difficult people, become politically agile, and make presentations like a pro.


Multiply Impact & Wellbeing

Bring it all together - learn how to manage stress, focus on wellbeing and freedom, and broaden your impact in your personal and professional life.


Sohel, SVP & MD, Pune

Nitin helped me transition from middle management into senior leadership quickly, and with great success. His simple, practical, and powerful methods were a game changer for me, and enabled me to develop the skills necessary to succeed in a fast paced business environment. 


Abhijit, Digital Chapter Lead, Auckland

I was fortunate to have Nitin as a coach from the very beginning of my career. His guidance at every critical stage of my career helped me grow in capability and responsibility faster than my peers. Today I have a successful career as well as a very happy and balanced life.  



We have various membership levels to cater to your needs. Attend our next webinar to learn more and get started on your journey.



5 courses

Goal Setting Mastery

Weekly Planning Template

Personal Branding Mastery

Habit Mastery Blueprint

Weekly meetups

Hackathon challenges

Private network

Support forum



Everything in Foundation+

5 Advanced Courses

Difficult Conversations Blueprint

Persuasive Presentations

Office Politics Mastery

Stress Management Method

Tools & Templates

Tactical Knowledge

180 Day Challenge 



Everything in Advanced+

Weekly Audit

Accountability System

EI Assessment

1-2-1 coaching session

Mega Impact Blueprint

Wellbeing Formula

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